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What Is The Process Of Residence Visa In UAE?

To work and stay lawfully in the United Arab Emirates, foreign nationals may need to apply for a resident visa. In order to legally stay in the country, visa holders must adhere to the regulations of their home country and the terms of their visa. This article will give a summary of how to apply for a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates, as well as some practical advice for making the process go more smoothly.

Depending on whether you need a work visa or a residence visa, the steps you take next will vary. The majority of the time, an organization will handle the visa residence process on behalf of its personnel. Obtaining a resident visa is typically something that must be done independently or with the help of an agent or agency.

Citizens of other countries who are already living in the United Arab Emirates UAE may need to change their visa status to permanent residents. Some visa types and nationalities have stricter residency requirements than others. This essay will detail the steps required to apply for a UAE resident visa and provide some useful recommendations to ensure a positive experience.

What is the process for a residential visa?

It is important to note that the residency procedure differs depending on whether you are applying for a work visa or a residential visa. Work visa residence processes are often handled by the employer. Obtaining a permanent visa to live in a country requires a lot of legwork and, often, the assistance of a lawyer or other service organization.

After submitting your visa application and accompanying fees, it is routine procedure to wait for processing. It is advised to wait to book flights until you have received your resident visa as the processing time may extend past your initial departure date. If your application for a residence visa is approved, your passport will be stamped with a new visa approval. As long as your visa stamp is valid, you'll be entitled to stay in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The decision to deny a visa is occasionally reviewable. An attorney should be consulted because the process for appealing a denial differs depending on the reason for the refusal. You can get your visa renewed by going to a Visa Medical Examination Centre.

What are documents needed?

Keep in mind that you'll want to begin the resident visa process well in advance of your current visa's expiration date. The procedure could take a few weeks, and you should not risk legal difficulties by overstaying your visa. To obtain a visa, you typically need to submit the following materials to the appropriate consular office:

  • A Passport that is now valid
  • Documentation for requesting permanent residency on the basis of a visa. You can get this form from a visa processing centre or online.
  • Pictures for a passport. They need to be current and in passport format.
  • Make sure you include a copy of your valid visa.
  • Provide a scanned copy of your current Emirates ID.
  • Proof of legal right to live in the country, such as a copy of your passport or resident card.
  • Submission of a Medical Insurance Policy Copy.
  • Provide a copy of your legal employment agreement.
  • NOC from your employer confirming that you are still working and that they approve of your resident visa application.
  • Visa application fees must be paid in full.

Once you have obtained all the required documentation, it must be submitted to the relevant authorities. Typically, this is the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation also known as MOHRE, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs or GDRFA. The government office you submit your documentation to depends on the type of visa you hold and your nationality.


Conclusion:- Obtaining a resident visa for the UAE requires gathering a number of documents linked to one's health, submitting them to the appropriate authorities, and forking out the required fees. Given the time commitment involved, you should begin this process well in advance of your visa's expiration. If you follow the steps outlined above and satisfy all requirements, you should be granted a residential visa and allowed to remain in the UAE.

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