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Change Visa Status In UAE

“Change Status” process is a mandatory requirement for those who either want to extend their current “visit visa” or convert it into an “employment visa” and for those who want to switch jobs and change their residence visa under new sponsor.

The “change status” service facilitates people within the UAE to switch to a new visa by simply paying a change status fee. Sahara Visa Medical Centre can help you change your visa status in a most convenient way. Visa status change inside UAE without exiting the country.

Sahara Visa Medical Centre provides excellent assistance for change status visa in Sharjah. With our visa status change service, one can extend/change their visa without leaving the country. Holders of a visit visa may modify their visa after finding employment in the UAE. Candidates with cancelled employment visas may also request for a status change.

To complete the process and obtain your visa, follow these steps:

  • Applicant has already obtained its entry permit residence visa in UAE.

List of Mandatory Documents:

  • Sponsor’s Emirates ID (Colour)
  • Applicant ‘s passport (Colour) – valid minimum for 6 months
  • Copy of Approved e-visa
  • Copy of old tourist/ visit visa/ visa cancellation paper
  • Copy of current on arrival stamp or file number (for arrival visa holders)

To complete the process and obtain your visa, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you must cancel or remove your current employment visa.
  • Secondly apply for a temporary entry permit through e-channel
  • After that, you will need to change your status to activate your entry permit.
  • Then, you have to do medical tests and register for an Emirates ID.
  • And lastly, you must obtain the required stamp for your residence visa.

What is the timeline for the process?

The timeline for the process of changing your UAE visa status will vary depending on the type of change you are making and the sponsor of your visa. However, the process typically takes between 3-7 days from the time of application to the time of approval. It is important to note that the timeline for the process may vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case and the type of change you are making.
Sahara Visa Medical Centre is an excellent government-authorized medical typing center in Sharjah.

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