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Typing Visa Application For UAE Residence Visa

Expatriates who want to live and work in the United Arab Emirates long-term need a UAE Residence Visa. They must have a visa stamped on their passport to change their immigration status to Resident in the UAE.

Who is eligible for a UAE Residence Visa?

To qualify for a UAE Residence Visa, you have to fall under one of the following categories:
• You will work in the UAE, under a governmental office or in a private company.
• You will study in a UAE educational institution.
• You are the dependent of a UAE citizen or foreign resident (child, parent, maid, or a close relative)
• You have made an investment in the UAE.
• You have purchased property in the UAE.

UAE Residence Visa application

You must apply for a Residence Visa once you’re already in the UAE, meaning you have to enter with an entry permit first. Additionally, just as with the entry permit, in most cases, you cannot apply for your own residence visa: you need a sponsor to apply on your behalf, such as your employer, spouse, etc.
The following documents are required:

• Sponsor’s Orignal Passport (Valid for 3 Months)
• Sponsor’s Id Fornt and Back
• Sponosr’s Valid Visa Page
• Salary Contract
• Lease Contract
• Health Insurnace
• Original Dependent/applicant Passport (Should Be Valid for More Than 3 Months)
• Color Photo
• Residency Visa – Entry Permit
• Dependent’s Emirates Id Front & Back
• Health Fitnes Certificate (Approved by the Ministry of Health)
• Unmarried Letter (With Father or Sponsor Signed) for Unmarried Female Daughter
• Mother Passport And Visa For Child

UAE Visa renewal for divorced women and widows

As of October 2018, the UAE government has issued a new immigration rule, allowing the widows and divorced women of UAE residents to remain in the country without a sponsor for a year, starting from the passing of their husbands or their divorce. The new rule also includes the children of said women, if any.
To qualify, the women and/or children must have been under the husband’s visa at the time of his death or the divorce and their visas must be valid at the time of application. They can apply at the GDRFA by submitting the following:

  • Proof of death or divorce (as applicable)
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof the woman is able to financially support herself
  • The Emirates ID Card
  • Medical fitness certificates

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