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UAE Green Visa 2023: UAE New Residency Visa

The Green Visa program is important for your residence to stay in the UAE. Here, we have explained it in a proper way. If you know about UAE green visa then visit Sahara Visa Medical Centre to get your green visa.

What is the UAE Green Visa 2023?

The United Arab Emirates Green Visa is a new classification of resident visa that is distinct from work visas. Skilled workers, investors, business owners, and top-tier students and graduates will be able to sponsor themselves in the UAE with the Green Visa program, eliminating the need to have an affiliation with a UAE based company.

Dubai's GDRFA provides eligible persons with a 60-day entry permit to visit the UAE and fulfill residency issuance processes.

What are the benefits of the UAE Green Visa 2023?

The implementation of the Green Visa. So, the government of the UAE claims is an effort to lure top talent and boost the economy.

There are now more categories of Golden Visas available, and the UAE has announced new types of entrance visas and residency permits. To increase the UAE's competitiveness and flexibility in the employment market and to develop a strong sense of stability among UAE residents and their families, a new entrance and residence system has been implemented.

Significant changes to the UAE Green Visa, such as the new 5-year residence tracks, were created primarily to attract talents, skilled professionals, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs, and they went into effect on October 3, 2022.

Further benefits are being offered, such as lengthier flexible grace periods that reach up to 6 months to stay in the nation after the residence permit is cancelled or expired, to enable family members' residence, in addition to easing and simplifying the requirements of all resident types.

Green Residence For Skilled Employees

Skilled workers who don't have a sponsor or employer can now apply for permanent residency in the country for up to five years through the new Green Residence for skilled employees track.

The only prerequisites in this case are:-

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stipulates that applicants must have a valid employment contract and be classified in the first, second, or third occupational level. requirement for education level is at least Bachelor's.

Green residence for freelancing and self-employment

As the freelance economy and the idea of flexible work models continue to boom around the world, the United Arab Emirates has introduced a new residency program called the Green residence for freelancers and self-employed people.

The only necessities are:-

Minimum educational qualification of a bachelor's degree or specialized diploma to obtain a freelancing/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The applicant must show that they will not run out of money while they are in the country.

New benefits for family members

Family members are better off under the new system. A resident can now bring their spouse and children to the United Arab Emirates without much difficulty.

Agents at the typing centres can confirm that Green visa holders and their families now have until six months after a residency visa cancellation to leave the United Arab Emirates. Expats have 6 months to change their status and obtain a new residence visa, or else they will be required to leave the country. During the grace period, penalties will not be imposed. However, dependents may be subject to an overstay fine if the green visa holder fails to renew or cancel their visas.

There is no longer a minimum age for unmarried daughters, and the age limit for children has been increased to 25 (from 18). A residence permit is issued to children of determination regardless of their age.

The holder of a Green Residence may sponsor his immediate family members to move to Singapore for the same period of time as the holder.

Who are eligible for the Green Visa in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates Green Visa was established to broaden the eligibility for permanent residency in the UAE for investors, business owners, highly qualified professionals, and outstanding students and graduates.

There is a federal visa specifically for freelancers who want to work in the United Arab Emirates. Workers with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and digital currencies, whether based in the UAE or elsewhere, are encouraged to apply for the freelancer visa.

To get a green visa you need to contact the visa medical examination centre.

Conclusion:- You will understand green visa for UAE and the whole process of getting it and need of visa medical examination centre for your visa requirements.

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