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How To Check Uae Visa Status Validity Using Only Your Passport?

Before departing for the United Arab Emirates, everyone who has sought for a visa should verify that they have been granted entry. Most people may recall the general calendar month in which their residence visa expires, but not the specific date. We don't always have our passports with us, but when we do, we glance through the pages to make sure our visas are still valid. Thankfully, all you need is your passport number and expiration date to verify the status of your UAE visa. Lucky for you, all you need is your passport to verify your UAE visa is still valid. Here, we'll lay out the entire procedure for you.


What is the way to check Dubai visa status?

Note that Dubai is the only emirate in the UAE with its own online facility for checking visa status. Anything having to do with visas to the United Arab Emirates, including procedures, applications, questions, and concerns, falls within the purview of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Use the GDRFA portal to check your Dubai visa application status:-

  • Visit GDRFA Dubai's site.
  • Choose "Residence Enquiry" after clicking "Entry Permit / Residence Status."
  • Provide your Visa number, first name, nationality, and birthdate.
  • Verify your answers and then press the "Inquiry" button. A green check mark and visa information would appear on the website if everything was entered correctly. Full name, UAE visa expiration date, visa type, and visa number will all be included.

How to check visa status using passport in UAE?

Ways by which you can check visa status in UAE:-

  • Learn more by checking out the ICA website (the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship). It is necessary to visit the ICA website to verify the status of your UAE visa. Since this is the official government website of the United Arab Emirates, all of the data shown here is authoritative and up-to-date.
  • Choose from the list of options. Several possibilities are available on the ICA website. Choose the "Passport Information" tab to look up the validity of your UAE visa using your passport details.
  • Complete the passport information form. You will be asked to enter your passport details once you have selected the "Passport Details" option. Your passport number, nationality, and date of birth are all required pieces of information. Verify that you have entered all information accurately.
  • In order to prove your identity, a captcha must be solved. This safeguard helps to verify that you are human and not a robot entering your data.
  • Verify that your UAE visa is still valid. Following successful completion of the captcha, you will be taken to a page detailing the remaining time on your UAE visa. If your visa is good to go, you'll see information about it, such as the type of visa it is, how long it is good for, and how many times you can enter the country. In the event that your visa has expired or been revoked, you will receive notification of this.
  • If your visa is good to go, you can print out a copy to keep on file. A copy of your visa may be requested at the airport or other checkpoints, so be sure to have one on hand.

If you are looking for an easy way to get information about your visa status then consider contacting the Visa Medical Centre In UAE for your assistance.

Conclusion:- Validity of your UAE visa may be checked quickly and easily with just your passport. In order to guarantee that your visa is legitimate and that you can enter the UAE without any problems, you should follow the instructions provided in this article. In addition to verifying all information before submitting it, you should also consider printing a copy of your valid visa for your records.

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