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Eligibility Criteria to apply Golden VISA in UAE

Do you want to easily move to the United Arab Emirates? Through a program called the Golden Visa, the government of the United Arab Emirates has been letting non-citizens stay in the country for a long time. Find out how to get a "golden visa" and why it's so appealing by reading on. This essay will look at the golden visa in depth, going over its requirements, benefits, and how it could help you move to the United Arab Emirates permanently.

We'll also bust some myths about this immigration program and give you tips on how to use it most effectively. Ready? Well, so let's begin!

What Is Golden Visa exactly?

You have just joined the exciting world of the United Arab Emirates Golden Visa Program, which can increase your chances of staying in the country for up to ten years. By letting you experience the great way of life in the UAE, this program hopes to bring in more foreign investment and increase the number of jobs in the country.

So, what does this plan look like in detail? Simply put, it lets people from other countries become permanent residents of the United Arab Emirates if they spend money in real estate or businesses there. If the applicant meets certain requirements, like investing a certain amount in a certain business, they may be given a resident visa that is good for up to 10 years. Before this visa runs out, it can be extended with a new application and any new or updated paperwork. This prestigious program makes it easier for you to move to the United

Arab Emirates and gives you other benefits, like faster visa handling and lower visa costs.

Who Can Apply for Golden Visa?

Considering moving to the United Arab Emirates? Check out their offer for golden visas: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) gives foreign traders and businesspeople a temporary residency visa called a "golden visa" that lets them live and work in the country. This is especially true for people with higher degrees in fields like medicine, science, and engineering. To put it another way, your chances of getting a golden visa go up if your job is seen as important by the UAE government and the people who live there.

You need more than just skills that are in high demand. You also have to meet a number of other standards. To get started, you'll need a high yearly salary or a lot of money in the form of real estate in the UAE. Also needed is proof that you have never been convicted of a crime in your own country. When you've done all of these things, you'll be able to get a temporary residency pass for 10 years.

How to apply for the Golden Visa?

The application process for the Golden Visa is easy. But it's important to know that the application process may be different based on where you're from. But here are the most common steps people take to get a Golden Visa:

The first step in getting a Golden Visa is to look into your options and figure out which type of visa fits your case best.

After you've decided what kind of visa you want to apply for, you'll need to get copies of your passport and bank records, among other things.

The next step is to fill out an application. You can do this online or by taking the necessary forms to one of their Immigration Centres.

After sending in your application and supporting papers, you will have to pay the fees for your type of visa and give the UAE Government any other documents they may need, like proof of health insurance.

After the UAE government gets your application and looks it over, you will be given a Golden Visa. This will let you stay in the country for up to ten years at a time, as long as you get it renewed.

The whole process can take anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on how quickly your paperwork is handled.

What do you need to get a Golden Visa?

There are many benefits to living in the United Arab Emirates for ten years, such as being able to go to the best hospitals and schools and being able to apply for UAE citizenship at the end of the ten-year residency time. Don't rush into anything right now; learn about the requirements and rewards of the Golden Visa program.

The first step is to get the money you need to apply for the Golden Visa program. They will be different for every person and every country. As a general rule, candidates must meet one of the following:-

✅Have at least 2 million UAE dirhams (or the same amount in another currency) to buy land or make other investments in the UAE.

✅Have a steady monthly income of at least 20,000 UAE dirhams or the equal in another foreign currency.

✅You can't apply for a golden visa in the United Arab Emirates from outside the country unless you already have a legal commercial license from a recognized economic department in the UAE or approval from relevant government agencies.

✅Before filing their application, applicants must show that they have kept an average savings balance of at least AED 1 Million for the past 12 months.

✅When you are ready, you can send your information to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) to be processed.

✅In order to get your ID card, you have to go through a series of medical exams and have your picture and fingerprints taken (electronic ID).

✅As soon as your visa is accepted, it will be printed and ready for you to pick up.

What are the good and bad things about it?

So, what are the pros and cons of getting a Golden Visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates?


•Once your application for a Golden Visa has been accepted, you don't have to renew it every year like you do with a work visa. First, you will get a 10-year resident visa that can be extended forever. This is great news for people who are thinking about moving to the UAE for good.

• Unlike a work visa or a visitor visa, you don't need to be sponsored by an employer or have a close link with one. If you have a job offer in the United Arab Emirates and pay the fees needed to keep your residency pass valid, you can stay there for as long as you want.


•The price is one of the few bad things about getting a Golden Visa. You or your sponsor will have to pay a one-time fee when you or they apply for a residence pass.

• Work/Visit visa application itself, supporting documents like medical certificates, police clearance documents, and other information about your employment status that is listed on official forms may need to be gathered and submitted as part of the application process.

This can take more time and cost more money.

If you have any questions, you might want to find out where to go for medical examination centre in the UAE in your golden visa.

Conclusion:-This blog gives an overview of the golden visa, including its benefits, how it works, and what you need to do to get one. It is a very important document for people who live in the UAE and want to stay there for work or business.

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