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Can residence visa be renewed online?

The renewal of a visa to remain in the country is a simple online process. No physical interaction is required; the process can be accomplished in its entirety within the confines of a smart platform. If your resident visa expires, you may be surprised to learn that you may apply for a new one online, saving you time and effort.In Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah's Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has published the steps applicants can take to renew their residency permits online and how simple it is to apply for renewal via either the website or the mobile application of ICA UAE platform.

What are the process?

 The ICA recommends that you do the following steps:-
  • Make an account and register for smart services with your UAE PASS, or enter your existing account details if you already have one.
  • Pick the option to renew your home-license. owner's
  • Send in your application, check and correct the retrieved information, and pay any necessary fees.
  • Put in a request for a new licence or ID card.
  • Bring your passport to the designated courier service and turn it in.
  • Once your passport has been stamped with the Residency Permit sticker and verified by the appropriate authorities, it will be sent to you via the designated shipping service.

How long does the process takes?

 The ICA online service portal states that renewal of a residency permit takes a total of 48 hours.

What are documents are required?

 It's possible that the required paperwork will change slightly depending on the specifics of the visa and the sponsoring firm or family. You may find a comprehensive collection of materials for each category on the ICA website.To renew your family's residence visa as a private sector or free zone employee, please upload the following documents:
  1. Recent passport photograph with white background.
  2. Passport document copy.
  3. Medical fitness for age above 18.
  4. Emirates ID receipt.
  5. Employment contracts.
  6. Sponsor attests to either a lease for, or ownership of, the lodging.
  7. A copy of the sponsor’s passport with valid residency.
  8. Medical Insurance for the Abu Dhabi visas.
You have to enter the details carefully else you will face issues 👍The ICA included extra guidance in its social media post, advising applicants to double-check the accuracy of the information they enter:
    • Make sure that the data you submit is correct and upto date.
    • In order to renew or replace your ID, please enter your ID number and expiration date accurately.
    • To avoid delays in processing your application, please double-check all of the information you enter into the online application form before submitting your payment.
    • Your application will be processed more quickly and within the prescribed time range if you provide genuine and correct information.
    • Verify that your contact information (including phone number, email, and preferred method of delivery) is correct in the online application system.
    • Please be aware that the ICA will check and verify the information you provide.

Where to contact for this facilities?

 The United Arab Emirates is home to a plethora of government and private visa processing centres. However, Emitac Healthcare Solution is a good example of a company that offers medical examinations, medical typing services, and more.Conclusion:- After reading this blog you will understand renewed visa easily. If you have any suggestions or doubts then contact Emitac Healthcare Solution for further information and make your work journey smooth!

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